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No kit required

Get results fast with our 28-Day Bodyweight Blast pack!
  • FAST Each workout lasts just 20-30 minutes!
  • EFFECTIVE Get lean with just three sessions a week!
  • FUN Make rapid progress to stay motivated!
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28-Day Bodyweight Blast fast facts

Who is it for?
Guys who want to burn fat fast at home without any kit.
What kit do I need?
Nothing at all. All of the exercises are bodyweight moves.
How many workouts?
There are three workouts a week and they last about 20 minutes.
Do I need to be fit?
No. You do what you can in the timed work periods so it is scalable.
What do I eat?
Our simple nutrition system is flexible rather than restrictive.
What do I get?
A plan, supplements, online support and much more. See below for details.
Here's what's included in your 7-in-1
28-Day Bodyweight Blast pack!

 28-Day Bodyweight Blast plan 

Your no-kit-needed exercise plan is designed so you can burn fat, add muscle and build a fitter, stronger and healthier body in just four weeks - all in the comfort of your own home.

  New Body Plan nutrition guide

Our nutrition guide contains everything you need to know about eating for a better body without giving up taste, flavour and the foods you love.

 50 Best Abs Moves book

This ebook gives you a comprehensive guide to the most effective moves for sculpting a six pack, complete with detailed form guides and step-by-step demonstrations

 T-Drive worth £14.99

Your ideal daily dose of three essential nutrients, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6, to support optimal testosterone levels and function for improved physical performance.

 Vit-D3 worth £9.98

Each daily serving contains 2000 international units of vitamin D for better brain health and function, improved mood, stronger bones, and many other benefits.

 Success Planner worth £9.99

Your Success Planner journal allows you to move quickly towards achieving your fitness target, or any other personal or professional goal, for a healthier and happier life
 New Body Plan bonus!


This is one of the things that really sets New Body Plan apart. The moment you start your plan you get unlimited online coaching support from our founders, Jon Lipsey and Joe Warner. So if you're unsure how to do a particular exercise or you want some extra tips on how to eat for your aims, they're on hand to help you accelerate your progress.

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28-Day Bodyweight Blast FAQ

How does it work?
The 28-Day Bodyweight Blast home workout couldn’t be easier to follow! There’s three sessions per week for four weeks, and you simply follow the workouts in order, sticking to the exercises listed in the correct order, and doing the “work” and “rest” periods detailed for each of the moves. So if you’ve never exercised at home before, don’t worry: all the thinking and planning has been done for you - all you need to do is get your body moving to start burning fat!
What kit do I need?
Absolutely nothing - that’s the beauty of the 28-Day Bodyweight Blast programme! All you need is a little time, a little space and a big desire to build a leaner, stronger and fitter body! All the exercises are bodyweight-based, so rely on using your own weight as resistance to work your heart, lungs and muscles. A couple of moves require a sturdy chair, and it’s smart to have a small towel and big bottle of water close to hand!
How many workouts are there?
There are three sessions per week for each of the four weeks, so that’s 12 workouts in total. The 28-Day Bodyweight Blast programme has been designed to be a progressive exercise plan, which means that with each week the workouts become a little bit more challenging than the previous week to elicit the best-possible fat-burning response. But the sessions won’t feel as though they are getting harder - because each week you’ll be feeling so much fitter and stronger!
How long do the sessions take?
Another big advantage of the 28-Day Bodyweight Blast home workout plan is that each session only takes between 20 and 25 minutes to complete, which means you can get your workouts done fast to quickly and effectively to work your muscles, heart and lungs in the right way to stimulate a fat-burning response. What’s more, you’ll also get a big mental boost from a sense of pride and accomplishment in getting that session in the bag!

Ordinary guys
Extraordinary results

New Body Plan transformed co-founder Jon Lipsey from an overweight average guy to a Men’s Fitness magazine cover model. Since then over 10,000 guys have used our plans to torch fat and add lean muscle. Now it’s your turn!
From dad bod to cover star with New Body Plan!
A message from New Body Plan co-founder, Jon Lipsey
I have a small confession to make. And it’s this: Before I started my New Body Plan transformation I didn’t think I was capable of making a significant difference to the way I looked and felt in a short space of time. And I certainly didn’t think I’d ever end up on the cover of a fitness magazine. 

I had that mindset because I didn’t think I’d be able to stick to a plan and, worse, I feared that even if I did stick to it, that I wouldn’t see much of a change. 

I now know that I was wrong to think that way because, when I finally did pluck up the courage to get stuck in (motivated by the desire to be fit enough to play football with my young son in the park) I realised that I was capable of more than I ever thought possible. 

So if you’ve let yourself go a bit over the years (it doesn’t happen overnight - it never does), or you doubt your ability to make a change, or you just don’t know where to start then you’re not alone. You’ve got me and millions of other men for company. 

But now I know that you can make a change. And if I did it as an overworked, overstressed and overfed average guy with a young son then you can do it too. All you have to do is take the first step and, if you do that, I’ll make it my mission to help you smash your fat loss goals. 
Don't just take our word for it...
These guys used New Body Plan to take control of their health and fitness. Now you can too!
"I lost 18lbs in 8 weeks and I feel energised!"
“I lost 18lbs and I feel so much more energised and agile. My mood has improved and my concentration levels have vastly improved. I’d recommend this book without doubt and have already done so. I bought a mate a copy as a present and both my brothers are now asking questions about what I’ve done. Mates and everyone at work are asking how I’m doing it. The program is perfect for a parent of two who works full time. It has been a game changer and the nutrition plan has removed the thing I struggle with most which is wanting something I can’t have.”

“The results far exceeded my expectations”
"I was expecting to lose a couple of kilos but I have to say the results far exceeded my expectations. I have toned up everywhere, especially abound my belly and my abs are getting stronger. I feel really positive about the change and it’s motivated me to keep going. I tried an eight-week challenge some years ago, but I didn’t have the same results. New Body Plan an easy to manage plan, with achievable exercises and an achievable food plan. I would highly recommend the plan to anyone. If it can work for me it can work for anyone."
"I lost 8% body fat and I feel fantastic"
“I lost 8% body fat and I feel fantastic about myself. All I can say, Jon, is thank you. I'm proof that anyone can do it! It surpassed my expectations and was so easy to follow that it just made sense to give it a go. The non-physical benefits were outstanding. Not only was I waking in the morning less tired and feeling refreshed but I had more energy and positivity. As I progressed on the plan, seeing physical changes made me happier. I had been unhappy with the way I looked for so long and now I was becoming happy again. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to get great results.”

New Body Pack FAQ

What makes New Body Plan different?
After New Body Plan co-founder Jon Lipsey transformed himself from an overweight average guy into a Men’s Fitness cover model in eight weeks, he wanted to share the system behind his success. It’s a system that takes into account the fact that you might have gained a few pounds over the years, that you don’t want to spend hours a day in the gym and that you want to see changes fast. In short, it’s a system designed to get real world results. We’ve created the right blend of training variables, nutrition strategies and habit change tactics to keep you motivated and ensure you enjoy the process as well as the outcome.
How many workouts are there each week?
There are three sessions each week, and each workout takes between 20 to 30 minutes to complete. You’ll also do a number of reps in each set according to your ability so it's suitable for beginners and experienced gym goers. The four-week plan is split into four seven-day “blocks”, with regular changes to the programme’s workout structure, exercise selection and other smart adjustments to the key training variables. This approach will keep your workouts fresh and challenging for both your mind and your muscles, and create the stimulus your body needs to burn fat and build lean muscle as quickly as possible.
What do I eat when doing New Body Plan?
We wanted to do two things when we created the nutrition system behind New Body Plan. We wanted to make things as simple and as easy to follow as possible. And we wanted to make sure that you could follow our plan without giving up all of the foods that you love. Everything you need to know is explained in a dedicated nutrition section, including easy tweaks you can make to your daily diet to start burning fat and building muscle right away. There’s also some simple rules on how to eat for faster fat loss, as well as some sample meal plans. Underpinning it all is the idea that you should enjoy your food rather than feeling like you're on a diet.  
When will I start seeing results?
Everyone makes progress at different rates but, if you follow our exercise plan and eating advice to the letter, you will start noticing positive changes to how you look and feel very quickly. You can even expect a mood-boosting endorphin rush after your very first workout! The most important factor for anyone doing the plan is to stick to it as closely as possible. If you do that, the results will come and you’ll amaze yourself at what you achieve!
How do I receive my New Body Pack?
You'll receive your 28-Day Bodyweight Blast workout plan, Complete Guide to Nutrition and interactive Training Diary instantly via email, and the rest of your pack - your Success Planner and two sports nutrition products, Vit-D3 and T-Drive - will be delivered to your door within 48 hours of placing your order, if you’re in the UK. If you live outside the UK it will take slightly longer, depending on where you live. We ship globally so wherever you live, you can still join the New Body Plan team!
Will you support me when I do the plan?
Absolutely! Everyone who signs up to do their own 28-Day Bodyweight Blast gains instant access to unlimited online support from New Body Plan creator Jon Lipsey and newbodyplan.co.uk editorial director Joe Warner. They’ve both successfully completed their own New Body Plan transformation programmes, so know exactly what it takes to torch fat and build muscle quickly! They are always on-hand to answer any training, nutrition or general fitness questions you might have, either on social media or via email.
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