New Body Plan Transformation Challenge Get coached on an eight-week plan that will change your physique - and your life - for good!

12 Men

56 Days

1 Life-changing experience

We're looking for 12 men to take part in our first ever eight-week Transformation Challenge. Successful applicants will get coached personally by New Body Plan founders and Men's Fitness cover models Jon Lipsey and Joe Warner
Transformation Challenge package £296

Are you ready to transform your body?

New Body Plan co-founder Jon Lipsey on what you can expect if you apply for this life-changing experience

Transformation Challenge How it works

Apply to join

All you need to do to apply is click on the link below and complete the quick application form. We’ll reply personally to let you know if you’ve been selected for the challenge.

Start there plan

The Transformation Challenge involves a bespoke eight-week gym-based training plan and a tailored meal plan designed to produce maximum results in minimum time. 

Get coached to success

New Body Plan founders Jon Lipsey and Joe Warner will personally coach you to success using regular Skype calls and by building a plan that’s perfect for your goals.

Transformation Challenge Fast facts

What is it?

The Transformation Challenge involves a group of 12 men being taken on eight-week physique and life-changing coaching journey by New Body Plan co-founders Jon Lipsey and Joe Warner.

Who is it for? 

It’s aimed at anyone who is serious about making a big difference to how they look and feel. Training experience isn’t important but the desire to make a big change is essential. 

How does it work?

All you need to do is fill out the quick application form. Form there, we’ll select the people we feel have the best chance of making a difference and we’ll guide you through the process.

What can I expect?

Our aim is to give you a life-changing experience. You’ll get 100% commitment form us and if you mirror that then you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve in eight weeks. 

Transformation Challenge Key benefits

Get online personal training

When you join the Transformation Challenge you’ll get online personal training from either Jon Lipsey or Joe Warner, the New Body Plan founders. They are on hand to produce support and guidance whenever you need it and they’ll conduct regular Skype consultations to help you smash your transformation. 

Get a bespoke training plan

You’ll get a completely bespoke training plan, delivered via the New Body Plan app and desktop portal, designed to maximise your results. Jo and Joe will also adjust and refine your plan as you go to ensure that it is custom built for your experience and goals. 

Get a tailored meal plan

You’ll receive a tailored meal plan, also delivered via the New Body Plan app, that can be adjusted according to your nutrition preferences. Don’t like fish? Then it won’t be in your plan. We’ll also make sure that it’s body fat, not flavour, that you’re getting rid of.

Use progress trackers to stay motivated

Tracking your progress is one of the most important factors in achieving your goals. That’s why we’ve made it super easy to upload progress pics, update your weight and log as much tracking data as you want. Jon and Joe will also be on hand to help you get the most out of this powerful feature.

Transformation Challenge Supplements

When you start your challenge you'll receive our complete Transformation Range of supplements, the perfect blend of ingredients to accelerate your progress

New Body Plan Torch-20

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Take this blend of fat-burning and performance-boosting ingredients, including caffeine, guarana and green tea extract, before training for better and faster results.

New Body Plan T-Drive

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Your ideal daily dose of three essential nutrients, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6, to support optimal testosterone levels and function for improved physical performance.

New Body Plan Vit-D3

WORTH £19.96
Each daily serving contains 2000 international units of vitamin D for better brain health and function, improved mood, stronger bones, and many other benefits.

Transformation Challenge Coaches

Meet the men who will be coaching you to transformation success

New Body Plan creator Jon Lipsey

Jon Lipsey is an award-winning journalist, bestselling author and the former editor-in-chief of Men’s Fitness magazine. He has over 15 years’ experience in fitness media and has acted as a brand consultant to leading industry figures such as The Body Coach, Joe Wicks. He has appeared as an expert on both TV and radio and in the national press. In 2018 he lost 10kg of fat in just eight weeks to appear on the cover of Men’s Fitness after completing his own New Body Plan fat-loss transformation.

New Body Plan creator Joe Warner

Joe Warner is one of the UK’s most high-profile fitness writers and authors, and the former editor of Men’s Fitness magazine. An award-winning journalist, Joe has been a leading figure in the fitness media for more than ten years, and makes regular appearances as a fitness expert on TV and radio, including the BBC and TalkSport. He’s written or edited some of the most successful health and fitness books over the last decade, including multiple Amazon best-sellers, and his titles have been translated into more than a dozen languages. Last year Joe transformed his body using the New Body Plan training and nutrition system.

Rise to the challenge

Transformation Challenge package £296