“The most effective fat loss system we’ve ever seen!”

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I’m New Body Plan founder Jon Lipsey and I lost 10kg of fat in just eight weeks to appear on the cover of Men’s Fitness. Now you can use my exclusive system to transform your own physique. Just tap the button below to get started.
Jon Lipsey New Body Plan fat loss transformation

The world's number one body transformation system

New Body Plan is helping guys all over the world. Here's a recent US television interview I did on what makes it so effective

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I set up New Body Plan to help guys like you get back in shape. Here's what you can expect


Food is about flavour, not sacrifice. So when you’re on one of my plans you will never go low calorie and you will never go hungry.


Doing endless cardio to burn belly fat is a waste of time. That's why my workouts are fast, efficient and fun. 


When you’re on my plans you get unlimited online coaching support. You can also email me any time at

Meet our latest success stories

These ordinary guys got extraordinary results with New Body Plan. Now it's your turn

Fat loss success stories

“I lost 6kg in six weeks and I’ve never felt better!”

"Almost immediately I noticed a big improvement in how I looked, I could see the fat coming off and my muscles looked bigger and more defined."
Six pack abs

“I’ve taken back control and ownership of my own body”

"The changes I’ve seen are huge. It has genuinely has changed how I feel about myself. I feel a lot more confident and I look a lot healthier."
Lose fat in your 40s

"I didn't think that the results I’ve achieved were possible." 

"During the plan I was eating more than I was before the plan but I was eating better. I also still had a take away every Friday night."
Best way to add muscle

“I lost 5.5kg of fat and got in the shape of my life"

The workouts were challenging and rewarding. It was great to see the weight fall off while also feeling much better about myself.”

New Body Plan Experts

Meet the guys who can transform your body in just eight weeks


I create plans for guys who live busy, demanding lives

New Body Plan co-creator Jon Lipsey is an award-winning journalist, bestselling author and the former editor-in-chief of Men’s Fitness magazine. He has over 15 years’ experience in fitness media and has acted as a brand consultant to leading industry figures such as The Body Coach, Joe Wicks. He has appeared as an expert on both TV and radio and in the national press. In 2018 he lost 10kg of fat in just eight weeks to appear on the cover of Men’s Fitness after completing his own New Body Plan fat-loss transformation.

Lose 10kg of fat in 8 weeks
Joe Warner 12 week transformation

I went from 'Average Joe' to fitness mag cover model

New Body Plan co-creator Joe Warner is one of the UK’s most high-profile fitness writers and authors, and the former editor of Men’s Fitness magazine. An award-winning journalist, Joe has been a leading figure in the fitness media for more than ten years, and makes regular appearances as a fitness expert on TV and radio, including the BBC and TalkSport. He’s written or edited some of the most successful health and fitness books over the last decade, including multiple Amazon best-sellers, and his titles have been translated into more than a dozen languages. Last year Joe transformed his body using the New Body Plan system.

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“The most effective fat loss system we’ve ever seen!”

Imagine the body you want. Now let's build it

Jon Lipsey New Body Plan fat loss transformation