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How we tailor your plan to get the result you want

Here are some of the factors we take into account when we create your tailored training and nutrition plans
The first thing we do is ask you to select your primary physique goal, so you can let us know whether your number one priority is to lose body fat or pack on lean muscle mass.
Our tailored plans let you select two body parts, such as arms and abs, that you want to devote extra attention to, so you build the precise body shape that you want.
We’ll use your training history to create the right plan for you, which means our plans can be done by either experienced gym goers or those who are new to training.
When we create your meal plan we’ll take into account how active you are during the day, which will help you to consume the right quantity of food for your goal.
We’ll use some basic personal details, such as your age, height and weight, to make sure that your training programme and meal plan get you the results you want.
Throughout your eight-week plan you’ll get unlimited online coaching support, so we’re here to offer extra training and nutrition advice and guidance whenever you need it.
From dad bod to cover model in just 8 weeks!
A message from New Body Plan co-founder, Jon Lipsey
I have a small confession to make. And it’s this: Before I started my New Body Plan transformation I didn’t think I was capable of making a significant difference to the way I looked and felt in a short space of time. And I certainly didn’t think I’d ever end up on the cover of a fitness magazine. 

I had that mindset because I didn’t think I’d be able to stick to a plan and, worse, I feared that even if I did stick to it, that I wouldn’t see much of a change. 

I now know that I was wrong to think that way because, when I finally did pluck up the courage to get stuck in (motivated by the desire to be fit enough to play football with my young son in the park) I realised that I was capable of more than I ever thought possible. 

So if you’ve let yourself go a bit over the years (it doesn’t happen overnight - it never does), or you doubt your ability to make a change, or you just don’t know where to start then you’re not alone. You’ve got me and millions of other men for company. 

But now I know that you can make a change. And if I did it as an overworked, overstressed and overfed average guy with a young son then you can do it too. All you have to do is take the first step and, if you do that, I’ll make it my mission to help you smash your fat loss goals. 
Here's what's included your 12-in-1
Tailored transformation pack!

 Tailored Training Plan

Your tailored eight-week training programme will be designed according to your specific body shape goals and your training experience - giving you faster and more effective results.

 Tailored Nutrition Plan

Your tailored eight-week meal plan will be created according to your goals and activity levels to help you burn body fat fast without giving up the foods you love.

 Training Diary worth £9.99

Your eight-week Training Diary allows you to prepare for each workout, and then track your results and performance, as well as analyse your progress at the end of each block.

 Torch-20 worth £29.99

Take this blend of fat-burning and performance-boosting ingredients, including caffeine, guarana and green tea extract, before training for better and faster results.

 T-Drive worth £29.98

Your ideal daily dose of three essential nutrients, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6, to support optimal testosterone levels and function for improved physical performance.

 Vit-D3 worth £19.96

Each daily serving contains 2000 international units of vitamin D for better brain health and function, improved mood, stronger bones, and many other benefits.

 New Body Plan Success Planner

Your eight-week Success Planner allows you to move quickly towards achieving your fitness target, or any other personal or professional goal, for a healthier and happier life

 New Body Plan gym bag

Your gym bag means your gym kit can be packed and ready to go, and has a zipped pocket for your keys, padlock and other essentials

 New Body Plan drinks shaker

Your shaker will keep you hydrated throughout the day and during your workouts, and a detachable compartment keeps your protein powder or other supplements close to hand

 Unlimited online coaching

This is one of the things that really sets New Body Plan apart. The moment you start you plan you get unlimited online coaching support from our founders, Jon Lipsey and Joe Warner.

 New Body Buddy programme

When you start your plan you get access to our refer-a-friend programme, which gives your friend a discount on their plan and you a £20 voucher code for the NBP shop.

 Exclusive offers and discounts

As part of our training group you will get access to exclusive offers and discounts on all New Body Plan products that aren’t available to anyone else.

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Your complete tailored transformation package
  •  Tailored training plan
  •  Tailored meal plan
  •  Online support
  •  Torch-20 supplements
  •  T-Drive supplements
  •  Vit-D3 supplements
  •  NBP training diary
  •  NBP success planner
  •  NBP drinks shaker
  •  NBP gym bag
Your streamlined tailored transformation pack
  •  Tailored training plan
  •  Tailored meal plan
  •  Online support
  •  Torch-20 supplements
  •  T-Drive supplements
  •  Vit-D3 supplements
  •  NBP training diary
  •  NBP success planner
  •  NBP drinks shaker
  •  NBP gym bag
Don't just take our word for it...
These guys used New Body Plan to take control of their health and fitness. Now you can too!
"I lost 18lbs in 8 weeks and I feel energised!"
“I lost 18lbs and I feel so much more energised and agile. My mood has improved and my concentration levels have vastly improved. I’d recommend this book without doubt and have already done so. I bought a mate a copy as a present and both my brothers are now asking questions about what I’ve done. Mates and everyone at work are asking how I’m doing it. The program is perfect for a parent of two who works full time. It has been a game changer and the nutrition plan has removed the thing I struggle with most which is wanting something I can’t have.”

“The results far exceeded my expectations”
"I was expecting to lose a couple of kilos but I have to say the results far exceeded my expectations. I have toned up everywhere, especially abound my belly and my abs are getting stronger. I feel really positive about the change and it’s motivated me to keep going. I tried an eight-week challenge some years ago, but I didn’t have the same results. New Body Plan an easy to manage plan, with achievable exercises and an achievable food plan. I would highly recommend the plan to anyone. If it can work for me it can work for anyone."
"I lost 8% body fat and I feel fantastic"
“I lost 8% body fat and I feel fantastic about myself. All I can say, Jon, is thank you. I'm proof that anyone can do it! It surpassed my expectations and was so easy to follow that it just made sense to give it a go. The non-physical benefits were outstanding. Not only was I waking in the morning less tired and feeling refreshed but I had more energy and positivity. As I progressed on the plan, seeing physical changes made me happier. I had been unhappy with the way I looked for so long and now I was becoming happy again. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to get great results.”

New Body Plan FAQ

What makes New Body Plan different?
After New Body Plan co-founder Jon Lipsey transformed himself from an overweight average guy into a Men’s Fitness cover model in eight weeks, he wanted to share the system behind his success. It’s a system that takes into account the fact that you might have gained a few pounds over the years, that you don’t want to spend hours a day in the gym and that you want to see changes fast. In short, it’s a system designed to get real world results. We’ve created the right blend of training variables, nutrition strategies and habit change tactics to keep you motivated and ensure you enjoy the process as well as the outcome.
How many workouts are there each week?
There are four sessions each week, and each workout takes between 45 to 60 minutes to complete. You'll also lift a weight according to your ability so it's suitable for beginners and experienced gym goers. The eight-week plan is split into four two-week “blocks”, with regular changes to the programme’s workout structure, exercise selection, sets, reps and other smart adjustments to the key training variables. This approach will keep your workouts fresh and challenging for both your mind and your muscles, and create the stimulus your body needs to burn fat and build lean muscle to transform your body as quickly as possible.
What do I eat when doing New Body Plan?
We wanted to do two things when we created the nutrition system behind New Body Plan. We wanted to make things as simple and as easy to follow as possible. And we wanted to make sure that you could follow our plan without giving up all of the foods that you love. Everything you need to know is explained in a dedicated nutrition download, which includes an eight-week meal plan tailored to your activity levels and body shape goals. You also get access to exclusive New Body Plan recipes that allow you to cook healthy versions of dishes such as burgers, kebabs and curries so you don’t feel like you’re on a diet.
When will I start seeing results?
Everyone makes progress at different rates but, if you follow the training plan and nutrition advice, we’d expect you to start noticing changes pretty quickly. Some people notice them after week one for others it’s a little longer. The most important factor for anyone doing the plan is to stick to it as closely as possible. If you do that, the results will come. 
How do I receive my New Body Pack?
You'll receive your training plan instantly and the rest of your New Body Pack will be delivered to your door within 48 hours of placing your order if you’re in the UK. If you live outside the UK it will take slightly longer, depending on where you live. We ship globally so wherever you live, you'll be able to join the New Body Plan team.
How does the money back guarantee work?
We’re confident that if you follow the plan and our nutrition advice that you’ll get the result you want and deserve. So, if you follow the plan to the letter, complete the eight week and you’re not happy with your result we’ll give you a full refund. All you need to do is send us your completed New Body Plan training diary and answer a few feedback questions.
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